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Types of tile

Hardwood Tiles


Click-Deck’s early days started off stocking only 3 different Hardwood tiles, and we still offer an extensive range of Hardwood tiles to this day! All hardwood tiles are made from the same tropical Hardwood, Acacia. Hardwood tiles are stained with a medium brown colour and ready to use straight out of the box.

In 2023, there are many alternatives to using Hardwood decking, but the material itself still proves still as popular as ever due to its charming, natural appearance. Each Click-Deck Hardwood tile provides a unique appearance which sets it apart from any other modern produced material. Natural colour in the wood can vary dramatically between light and dark, small knots which occur randomly in the wood and the beautiful grain effect varies between each individual tree resulting in a truly individual deck tile. All these benefits combined with the pattern you choose to lay the tiles in, guarantees to be a fantastic decking area.

Sustainably sourced logs of Acacia are cut down to preferred slat sizes and kiln dried to remove moisture from the hardwood. This process also preserves the wood. Finally, the Hardwood tiles are coated with a water-based oil treatment and individual slats are secured to a polypropylene plastic base. The tiles are then ready to use straight away!

All Hardwood tiles are supplied in 30cm x 30cm squares and two different thicknesses, 25mm & 28mm.

All our tiles in our rage are at least 25mm thick based on durability testing. There are various decking tiles on the market which use much thinner poor/quality wood. Although on first appearance these tiles look the same as Click-Deck and are of course cheaper, cutting Acacia any thinner than 12mm will cause significant problems down the line. Thinner wood will split, warp and bow easily. These tiles are only good for one thing, the bin!

25mm tiles are where we started all those years ago and they are still the most popular thickness. 25mm is the total thickness of the tile including the plastic base. Our 12mm Hardwood slats are secured onto a 11mm plastic base. Due to Acacia’s superior durability, this thickness of tile is perfect for any home decking area. There are no issues with placing furniture such as tables, chairs, sofas, plant pots etc on the tiles and they can withstand plenty of footfall on those summer party days with friends and family around.

28mm tiles are available for 4 Slat & 6 Slat tiles. Thicker Click-Deck Hardwood tiles are more commonly purchased by trade customers for events & exhibitions, larger scale construction developments and places with higher footfall. Often Click-Deck is installed below hot tubs at private addresses, and we recommend using 28mm Hardwood tiles for these kinds of projects.

Click-Deck Hardwood tiles caught your eye? Well please follow the link below to discover our wide range of Hardwood tiles today.

Composite Tiles


Composite has quickly become the fastest growing decking product in the UK today, mainly due to its low maintenance properties. Supplied in an endless palette of colours, there is sure to be a composite product that catches everyone’s eye.

Click-Deck Composite tiles are manufactured from a combination of Hardwood fibres, recycled plastic, and an adhesive to bring the product together. Not only using environmentally friendly recycled plastic, for the end consumer it means there is no oiling required of the decking.

You must decide if the look and feel of a natural wooden decking tile is worth the work. Periodically sanding, staining, and treating wooden decking can be a tedious job. If you’d rather spend your time doing something else, then composite deck tiles are the choice for you.

In our expanding range of Composite tiles, we now offer a selection of tiles in different thicknesses, designs, patterns, and colours.

Composite & Composite PLUS – The Difference

For several years now we have offered two lines of composite deck tiles, Composite & Composite PLUS.

Although both tiles are manufactured from the same composite material, standard composite tiles are hollowed out in the underside where Composite PLUS tiles are a solid piece of composite. Both tiles have a different pattern engraved into their surface.

By using less composite material to construct each slat of standard composite, we can ensure the price is competitive whilst still producing an excellent performing durable composite tile. Standard Composite decking tiles are ideal for homes, patios, balconies, household furniture to sit on top of and take plenty of footfall.

Narrow grooves cut into the surface create a low slip decking material. Choose between the standard 4 Slat, Mosaic and Woodgrain styles and supplied in a verity of colours, were sure there is a perfect decking tile for you!

Composite PLUS has no hollowed cross section and instead, made from a solid piece of Composite. PLUS tiles are thicker, heavier and made for heavy duty installations, a trade customers favourite.

Still really struggling choosing between Hardwood Tiles or Composite Tiles? Then Composite Woodgrain Tiles may be the answer! Made from the exact same composite material as the rest of the Click-Deck range, these tiles have the beautiful woodgrain appearance cut into the surface.

Edging pieces


Click-Deck edging pieces are compatible with all decking tiles in our range today.

Edging pieces are required for exposed sides of your decking area. If a side of deck is butted up against a wall / fence / garage / house etc then you will not require edging. The tiles will sit flush against the wall. Any female hoops protruding from the side of a tile can be cut off with a sharp pocketknife.

Straight Edges are perfect for the exposed sides of the decking leading onto the grass. Each straight edge reduces the decking back down to the ground in a ramped effect, preventing anyone tripping over the first tile when walking onto the decking area.

Corner Edges are available for both Hardwood & Composite products. Corner pieces ensure you can edge around an external corner of your decking.