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Wooden Wall Panels

Discover our collection of interior acoustic wood panelling. Whether you’re seeking to transform a living space, office, or any interior environment, our wood wall panels offer a versatile canvas to elevate your surroundings. Explore the artistry of wood, and let your walls tell a story of sophistication and style.

Discover our growing range of interior wood wall panels today

wooden wall panels


Scandinavian inspired wall panels bring a touch of nature into interior spaces. Add warmth, colour and a visually appealing texture to any room and easily transform your modern space.


600mm x 600mm slatted panels are easy to assemble in either a vertical or horizontal pattern. Black felt overhangs on two sides of each panel ensuring an even and consistent pattern across the wall with either style. Decorative wall panels create an eye-catching design whilst maintaining a luxury quality finish creating a beautiful modern feature wall.


Wood wall panels are perfect for installing in living rooms, hallway, kitchens & bedrooms. Decorative wall panelling can also be installed onto the ceiling as well as internal walls. Lightweight acoustic panelling is the perfect way to add character and style with a modern wood design. Wooden panelling is perfect for an entire wall.


The wall panelling backing fabric is designed to absorb sound waves, reducing echoes within a room whilst creating a more comfortable and acoustically balanced environment. Wood wall panelling is a fast growing panelling product for acoustic problems.


Wood wall panels are manufactured from FSC wood, making them an environmentally friendly choice whilst being durable and maintaining their visual appeal over time.


Each wall panel can either be screwed or glued with an adhesive onto an interior wall or ceiling allowing for fast, simple and secure installation with no mess and minimal tools. Black acoustic felt simply butts up against neighbouring panels creating a seamless pattern across the wall. 


All wall panels are 600mm x 600mm square and 20mm depth.

How many panels will i receive in one pack?

Each pack contains 4 wood wall panels, each 600mm x 600mm square. The 4 slatted panels cover a total length of 2.4m

Can I install the panelling in different patterns?

Wall panelling can either be installed vertically or horizontally. Each design produces a different interior design. The panelling can also be installed at half height around a room.

How do the panels arrive?

The wall panelling is packed and delivered in handy boxes of 4. Each pack is securely packed and protected.

Can I cut panelling to fit the wall?

Yes, panels can be cut with a handsaw or electric saw to fit any size wall. A sharp retractable knife will also cut straight though the black felt. Make sure you have the tools, measure from the the top of skirting board to the top of the wall and note sizes with a tape measure and pencil. these are all the tools you will need to complete cutting.

How do you install around plug sockets and light switches?

Panelling can be cut around sockets and switches. Panelling can be cut with a small handsaw for smaller cuts.

Do you sell larger wall panelling?

All our wall panelling is the same size: 60cm x 60cm. Smaller panelling is easy to install in any room and can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

How do I install the wall panelling?

Panelling can either be glued or screwed straight onto an interior wall. We recommend using black screws straight through the black felt with 4x 35mm black screws per panel. Using a spirit level is an excellent way to ensure the wood panelling is installed level.

Can the panelling be used outside?

Click-Deck wood panelling can only be used for interior design. Panels looks great over the entire wall in many different rooms.

How much wall panelling do I need?

Our pack of 4 panels cover a wall length of 240cm. If the height of the wall is less than 240cm, then the final panel can be cut to the correct size of the wall room.

Do you cut the panelling to size?

We currently do not offer a cutting service however, the panelling can be easily cut with a handsaw.

Can I install the panelling on top of wallpaper?

Yes, simply screw through the black felt of each panel, straight through the wallpaper and into the wall behind.

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Decorative Wood Wall Panelling


Wall panelling is one of the fastest growing products in the UK today. Transform your interior spaces with wood paneling has never been easier. Our wood paneling is designed to bring your desired coluors and style to life, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any wall or ceiling. Each panel boasts meticulously crafted grooves cut into high-quality MDF, ensuring a sleek and sophisticated finish. Whether you’re embarking on a home renovation project or looking to add a touch of elegance to your hallway, our wood wall panelling comes in a variety of colours and styles to complete your vision. Installation is a breeze with the use of adhesive, making it a hassle-free solution to achieve the look you desire. Elevate your spaces with our versatile wood paneling and let your creativity shine in every corner of your project.

Excellent for walls, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and many more

When it comes to adding a touch of sophistication and modernity to your interior design, our wood paneling offers the ideal solution. Our extensive range of wood panels allows you to select your desired colour, whether it’s a classic, timeless finish or a deeper, darker shade to create a dramatic impact. Achieve a stylish look in your hallway or any room by installing these panels at half height on your walls or even on the ceiling.

Easy Installation

The versatility of our wood paneling are easy to install, enabling you to transform any space with ease. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, classic look or a more contemporary style, our panelling options can be tailored to suit your vision. Not only do these panels provide a stunning visual appeal, but they also add a layer of protection to your walls, making them a practical choice for high-traffic areas like hallways.

Modern style wall panelling

Say goodbye to the hassle of constant painting and upkeep. Our cost effective wooden wall panels come pre-finished, ensuring a consistent and durable colour that will last for years. Elevate your interior design with the timeless charm of wood panelling and enjoy a modern, maintenance-free solution for your home or commercial space.

Acoustic wall panelling

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, our slatted panels also offer an exceptional acoustic quality that can greatly enhance the ambiance and comfort of your space. The natural properties of wood make it an excellent material for improving sound insulation and acoustics.

The unique texture and composition of our wall panelling helps to reduce sound reverberation within a room, creating a more pleasant and comfortable environment. Whether it’s in your home, office, or any other commercial space, the acoustic benefits of our panels can significantly reduce noise and echo, contributing to a more peaceful and focused atmosphere.

Additionally, our wood panels can be used to construct acoustic walls or installations, offering an effective solution for spaces where sound quality is crucial. By combining the timeless beauty of wood with its sound-absorbing properties, you can create a harmonious environment that not only looks stunning but also sounds fantastic. Experience the perfect blend of form