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Large decking tiles

LARGE COMPOSITE DECKING TILES – Perfect for British Gardens and beyond

Click-Deck Large Composite Decking Tiles can be used by anyone, from DIY beginners through to the DIY expert. Simply lay each deck tile like a jigsaw and cover unsightly areas with minimal effort. Our large format deck tile measure 30x60cm and 15x60cm.


We advise to install large patio deck tiles on a flat, even and stable surface.  The large format tile base allows the tiles to take some uneven surface however, it is best practice to make the garden landscapes as smooth as possible for best results of your new patio deck. Avoid the difficult and very expensive traditional timber decking and choose Click-Deck’s easy to use deck tile.

Each Composite deck tile is screwed onto our interlocking base providing a 1cm raise off the ground. The 1 cm raise allows proper drainage of water which is important in the UK due to the heavy rain we experience.

We do not advise installing deck tiles on Grass or bare earth as the composite tiles may sink over time. If you wish to lay the tiles on grass/bare earth please ensure you make it a flat and even surface as possible and use a weed protection mat or geo thermal fleece membrane.

Large composite decking tiles


  • Urban and rural gardens

  • Hot tub (For use with Hot Tubs, we advise using our thicker interlocking composite deck tiles)

  • Patios

  • Glamping Pods

  • Eating areas

  • Terrrace

  • Balcony

  • The list goes on…

The combination of easy to use, maintain and affordable deck tiles will create maximum impact in your garden, on your patio or your new terrace.



No specialist tools required:

Composite deck tiles are as easy as laying a jigsaw.

No expensive bearers, joists or joist systems:

Complete you decking area without all the mess of material laying around.

No need to be a DIY expert:

Create that veteran builders finish with our esay to use interlocking deck tiles.

No additional costs such as labour:

Keep control over cost and timescale with one easy delivery of our composite deck tile.


Virtually maintenance free, available in various colours and offering an instant transformation of wherever you choose to use them, Click-Deck composite deck tile will help you create the outdoor space you deserve.

With free fast delivery to UK mainland, quick and easy installation our high quality product will give you a professional finish and a brand new decking area.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our other customers had to say.

If you would like assistance working out how many your will require, please make a note of the measurements and send them over to us, we would love to hear from you.

The Click-Deck process is so simple from start to finish. Orders are received and within 2-3 working days are delivered to your home so you are good to start your decking. Tiles are supplied in handy boxes of 6 making them manageable and easy to carry up to a roof terrace or garden.


Each Composite deck tile is produced from hardwood fibres, recycled plastic, and a colouring. This composition produces an extremely low maintenance deck tile where no reoiling or staining is required. Simply leave composite deck tiles out all year to battle weather elements!


Durability – Click-Deck is strong and durable. Each deck tile is comprised with several slats which are secured to a plastic base. This plastic base has many small feet which suspend the decking tile off the ground by at least 1cm. Our unique design of Click-Deck deck tile ensures that water can drain under the tiles whilst allowing air circulation.


Eco-Friendly – Sustainably sourced composite decking is rigid, solid and has a pattern cut into the surface providing great slip support under foot. As well as having a solid structure, they are the eco-friendly choice due to being made from wood fibres and recycled plastic which would have other gone into landfill.


Versatile deck tile – Click-Deck is the perfect solution to covering up old patios, balconies, old decking areas & decking kits, roof terraces, marquees, balconies, gazebos, hot tubs, events & exhibitions… the list is endless!


Customisation – Each deck tile can be laid in different patterns, designs, and shapes. Use your imagination and create your own bespoke decking area today. Composite patio decking tiles are also supplied in several colours and compatible with our artificial grass tiles.

Learn more about the types of decking tiles in our range.


Click-Deck can be laid on top of any solid and level base. Patios, balconies, old decking, concrete are to name but a few. Each deck tile is slightly flexible so can give / take some unevenness but for best results we suggest you lay decking tiles on a solid base.


We recommend beginning in a corner of your area and working your way out with our patio decking tiles. Start by placing a single deck tile on the solid surface, then with the second tile line up the male & female connectors and interlock the next decking tiles. Continue this process across the whole of the area and there isn’t much more to it than that.


All the tiles in our range can be cut if needed. We recommend using a good quality jigsaw / circular saw to complete the job. If you can’t cut tiles, not to worry! We supply edging pieces for most decking tiles in our range. Edging pieces are only required for exposed sides of the decking area. If you have sides up against a wall, fence, garage, house etc then these sides will not require edging. Another fantastic solution to fill gaps less than 30cm is to lay some decorative stones / pebbles creating a stunning boarder. Minimal effort for fantastic results!

To learn more about maintenance of our products, please follow the link to our care & maintenance page.


Low Maintenance: Composite decking is known for its minimal maintenance requirements. They do not need staining, sealing, or painting and they resist fading, staining and mould growth.

Durability: WPC decking tiles are typically made from a combination of wood fibres and recycled plastic, resulting in a product that’s resistant to moisture, insects and rot. Composite wood decking is one of the fastest growing and most popular types of outdoor living products today.

Colour Consistency: Composite material maintains their colour and appearance over time, eliminating the need for ongoing staining or refreshing every few years. We supply a range of coloured decking with grey composite decking being the most popular choice of colour.

Environmentally Friendly Options: Many composite decking products incorporate recycled materials, contributing to eco-friendliness.

glasgow composite decking
Delivery process

We will require someone to be present at the property whilst delivering for successful delivery. For larger orders we will use a pallet but if you have any worries, please get in touch with our dedicated delivery department. If you have any helpful delivery instructions, please leave a note with your purchase or email us. Click-Deck always aim to offer a convenient delivery date and will require suitable access. Delivered flat packed and each deck tile is delivered fully constructed stopping you messing around with any fiddly bits.

CLick-Deck offer free delivery to UK mainland postcodes. Next day delivery areas vary and a delivery surcharge applies for weekends and some areas such as Northern Ireland, certain Scottish postcodes and Channel Islands.

Want to check? please get in touch with your and we will check the following Scottish postcodes. Our delivery team will make it as smooth as possible, handling any reasonable request.

We use various payment methods such as Paypal uk ltd

Click-Deck are the sole supplier of Click-Deck tiles and therefore offer distribution direct from our warehouse.

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