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So you have just spent your time researching your new perfect Click-Deck tile, done your measurements, checked them twice and now have it all laid down and ready to go… Let the relaxing commence!

This is how it will go with our easy to install decking tiles but with everything in life it may need a little TLC every now and then.

This quick guide will be ready to help you with some of the basics for keeping your decking area looking clean and maintaining that fresh out of the box look we all want.


Here at Click-Deck we have our two types of tiles, Hardwood and Composite.

Acacia is a fantastic hardwood that we opt to use because it is both highly durable and water resistant.

Composite (WPC) is the material of choice for many people as it is a combination of wood fibre/wood flour and thermoplastics meaning it’s long lasting and has very little maintenance going forward.


The process to keep your decking clean is fairly similar for both materials, but each have their own individual points to remember.

As a general rule, each deck will need a brush every so often. This not only keeps the decking area clear of debris but can help stop build ups of organic matter that can trap moisture or become slippery!

We recommend removing any debris or build up you can see between the slats as this can inhibit moisture and air flow through and under the tiles.


Acacia Care

Acacia is a natural wood. We do not recommend using a power washer as this can strip the wood of its lovely stain. If you need to wash the decking area, we suggest using a light soapy solution with lukewarm water in a clean bucket and a soft bristle brush. Hose off, dry down and enjoy your newly cleaned Acacia decking.

Ensure you check any cleaning product labels and instructions before use and if unsure, select a small area / corner to test.

Like any other natural wood product, our Acacia decking tiles will fade over time due to exposure to weather UV etc. Fear not though as this wonderful natural hardwood is strong and durable.

To bring the decking tiles back please use any deck restorer product of your choice, you can also choose a slightly different stain which can change the colour of the deck tiles.

When applying the oil, please ensure the decking tiles are completely dry. You can also sand down any rough areas to bring the Acacia back and then reoil. This will help the oil penetrate deep into the wood and last longer.

Once again, please ensure you read and follow all instructions and labels on the product and always do a quick test on an out of the way part. If you are unsure though, please get in touch with us and we can try to help as best we can.


Composite Care

Composite is a combination of wood fibre/wood flour and thermoplastics. The colour for our Composite is constant throughout the slats and therefore will not chip away of flake like cheaper plastic or coated alternatives. This consistent colour along with the low maintenance make your Click-Deck decking almost carefree.

To clean, mix some warm, soapy water into a clean bucket ready to wash. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub the decking (or a pressure sprayer) to loosen any trapped dirt and debris between the joints and remove any mold or grease. Hose off and dry down and enjoy your newly cleaned composite decking. Ensure you check any cleaning products labels and instructions before use and if unsure select a small area/ corner to test.


We hope this helps care for your decking tiles going forward!

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