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General Questions

Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes, we are an online decking tile specialist and deliver to all corners of the UK. Delivery is 2/3 working days from order for any tiles in stock.

How is my order delivered?

For orders up to 30 boxes, we will use DPD to deliver your order. DPD will email an hour time slot on the morning of delivery and various options are available if you are not going to be home.

Orders over 30 boxes will be delivered on a pallet through the pallet network. We can schedule a specific day for delivery and the service usually call before attempting delivery.

All deliveries will be made within 2-3 working days.

I don't know how many tiles I require?

This is something we can easily work out for you. Click here to use our tile calculator which will work out exactly how many boxes you will need by you providing the measurements of the area you wish to cover.

Alternatively, you can contact one of the team by following the ‘Contact Us’ link and we will work out your requirements.

To work out yourself: Multiply the length x width of your area and this will give you the square metre measurement. Then divide the square metre measurement by 11 and this will give you the number of tiles you require.

How hard is it to install Click-Deck?

Installing Click-Deck tiles couldn’t be easier. The plastic base uses a male/female interlocking system and the installation is done with nothing more than your hands. Simple!

Are all the tiles compatible in the range?

No, not all tiles are compatible with each other. This is because some tiles use a different plastic base to connect, and tiles are supplied different in height.

Composite tiles connect with artificial grass tiles.
Hardwood tiles only connect with hardwood products.

What colour are the tiles?

Our hardwood decking tiles range have been stained with a medium brown stain. Composite tiles are supplied in a variety of colours.

When the tiles are laid will they move about?

The supportive plastic base the slats are connected to have male/female connectors which lock together to adjacent tiles therefore, they will not move once laid. No part of the tiles is connected to the floor.

Are the tiles affected by exposure to a lot of rainwater?

All our tiles have small gaps between the slats and the slats are raised off the ground by the plastic base. Any water drains between the slats and under the tiles in a short space of time. We do not advise to lay deck tiles in areas of standing water.

Do decking tile become slippery?

Generally, no Click-Deck is not a slip hazard. We do not advise tiles are “non slip” as literally any flooring can become slippery if not looked after. Slippery hazardous flooring is usually caused by algae / moss growing on the surface. Algae normally grows on tiles under trees and near bushes. Algae can easily be cleaned to prevent any issues.

Our composite tiles all have small grooves cut into the surface which provides a great level of grip under foot.

Can the deck tile slats become loose after people have walked on the decking?

No all slats are secured onto the plastic base. Most tiles use small screws to secure the slats to the base however, many hardwood slats are punched onto the base and are just as secure.

Can I take up the tiles once they are laid for the first time?

Yes. Click-Deck tiles are just as easy to take up as they are to lay down to change the design of an area. Taking up tiles is not essential but can be done over winter months to preserve the treatment on the tiles.

Installation Questions

Do I need edging pieces?

Edging pieces are only required for exposed sides of the decking. If you have sides of the decking which are butted up against a wall/fence/garage/house etc, then you will not need edging.

Exposed sides of the decking can be reduced back down to the ground with edging pieces which prevent people tripping over the first tile when walking onto the deck area.

If any female hoops are exposed when up against a wall, you can be carefully cut off with a knife and then the tiles will sit flush against the wall.

Where can the deck tiles be installed?

Click-Deck tiles can be used on any solid, even surface. Patios, balconies, porches, courtyards, roof top terraces, around or under hot tubs, gazebos, conservatories. Deck tiles have a flexible plastic base so tiles can give / take small amounts of unevenness however, this will be felt under foot when walked on. For best results your base should be solid and level.

Can you only install the deck tiles over concrete?

Whilst covering drab concrete surfaces is an ideal use for the tiles, you can equally lay Click-Deck over patio slabs, old decking, balconies… the list goes on! Please note that Click-Deck requires a solid and level base for best results!

Can Click-Deck be laid over an existing deck?

Of course! If you have an old decking which is tired an needs replacing. Instead of pulling the deck up you can simply lay Click-Deck over the surface. The existing deck will still need to solid, level and secure.

Can the tiles be laid straight onto grass or soil?

We do not advise to lay the decking tiles directly onto grass or soil. This is due to the heavy rain we receive in the UK and over time the feet of the decking tiles will sink into the soil and prevent the water draining away under the tiles.

To overcome this, we would advise to cut the grass short and flatten / compact the area the best you can. Then lay a weed protection mat on top of the compacted area and then the decking tiles on top of the protection mat.

Although this method will improve the draining and stability, there will still be small amounts of movement under foot, so it really depends on how well you can level the area.

Do I need to use a weed protection mat?

No it is not essential to lay a weed protection mat down first although many customers do.

As there is at least 1cm gap between the tiles and the floor so if you already have a weed problem, then they will continue to grow between the tiles. Lay a weed protection mat first will simply eliminate this issue.

Can the tiles be laid directly onto felted roofs?

We do not advise to lay Click-Deck directly onto a felted roof. Felt can become soft on warmer days and we fear over time that our decking tiles can potentially damage the felt. Each decking tile has many feet which are small but not sharp which could potentially cause an issue.

We have spoken to many roofing contractors in the past and felt remains a grey area. Most confirmed to overcome the issue, to lay a GeoTextile Fleece Membrane down first and then the decking tiles on top as this creates a barrier between the decking tiles feet and the felt. The fleece membrane is a thin piece of building fabric.

We advise to check with the company who commissioned your flat roof and seek advice from them.

Click-Deck can be laid on top of GRP fibreglass roofs.

Does Click-Deck work with pedestals?

No, you cannot use pedestals with our decking tiles. The plastic base of the decking tiles is flexible so the whole tile needs solid support / ground below.

Can I cut Click-Deck?

Yes, all decking tiles in our range can be cut. We advise using a jigsaw / circular saw to cut tiles due to the durability of the tiles. Please make sure you remove any screws from the back of the tiles and follow safety instructions from the saw manufacturer.

Tiles can also be cut with a handsaw, but the material is durable so it is easier to use an electric saw!

If you are unable to cut decking tiles, a popular solution is to decorative stones / pebbles as a border which produces fantastic results.

How do I hide the plastic tabs on the outside edge of the tile?

You can simply cut female connectors off with a sharp knife and the deck tiles will sit flush against a wall. Alternatively, you can also use edging pieces to finish off exposed sides of the deck.

What is the best ground to lay the tiles onto?

Solid and even bases produce best results for Click-Deck. The best ground is an even concrete base. Tiles can be laid over slight uneven areas however, this unevenness will be felt under the tiles and tiles may become undone if the unevenness is significant.

Do you come to fix the tiles for me?

We do not offer an installation service. The benefit of Click-Deck tiles is no tools are required to join the tiles.

Is there anything else I need to do once the tiles have been laid?

No. As soon as the tiles are laid you are ready to use the decking!

Can a put furniture onto top of Click-Deck?

Yes, our decking tiles can withstand tables, chairs & garden furniture. Each tile has many small feet which distribute weight evenly.

Can a put a hot tub on top of Click-Deck?

Yes, Click-Deck has been used for many hot tub installations in the past! Hot tubs are heavy when full with water so we always advise to purchase our thicker range of PLUS tiles so extra reassurance.

Maintenance Questions

Do I need to maintain hardwood tiles?

Yes, like any natural wooden product left exposed to the UK weather, treatment on the wood will begin to fade and turn a silvery colour over time. The timescale at which this will occur will depend of amount of direct sunlight, severalty of rainfall and how long since the last treatment was applied.

Click-Deck hardwood tiles are supplied with a protective treatment and are ready to use straight away.

We would recommend using any good quality decking oil / stain to bring the tiles back to their former glory. New treatment should be applied on a warm dry day so oil can penetrate deep into the wood. Areas of tiles which still have old treatment or a lot of dirt will need to be sanded before applying new treatment. Decking stripper is commonly used to take old treatment off with ease.

Do I need to maintain composite tiles?

Yes, composite tiles will require cleaning periodically. Unlike hardwood tiles, our composite products do not require any oil or stain applying.

To clean composite tiles, we recommend using a hot soapy solution and a brush to remove any dirt on the surface of the tiles.

Alternatively, you can use a pressure washer to clean tiles however, we do not recommend cleaning any closer than 35-40cm.

Will the tiles ever need cleaning?

We recommend cleaning all tiles on a regular basis. Light debris or dirt that may collect between the slats and can be removed with a stiff brush with a detergent solution is necessary. You can use a garden hose or pressure washer (no closer than 35-40cm with a pressure washer).