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Care Guide

Care & maintenance

Keep Click-Deck Tiles looking great!



Click-Deck Tiles must not be installed in areas where standing water may occur e.g. after heavy periods of precipitation, or installed directly onto sand as this prevents water from draining away under the tiles. Click-Deck Tiles have a plastic polypropylene base that allows water to drain away and gives sufficient airflow underneath,  allowing the tiles to dry more quickly.

Sweeping debris which collects on the surface of tiles and inbetween tiles is essential for the drainage of water and should be carried out regularly.

Furniture which is left in stationtary areas of the decking can have an impact on the weathering of the tiles. We recommend regularly moving furniture around the decking area to allow for a more evenly distributed weathering over time.

Plantpots/planters/flowerpots sitting directly on decking tiles can stain the surface of the tiles, Planters continuously touch the surface of the deck, trapping moisture and preventing air from drying the wood benifth the pots. Planters should be placed on a plant stand to eliminate direct contact and allow air flow.



Click-Deck Hardwood products are made from Acacia. Like all natural wooden products that are exposed to any weather elements, the original surface treatment may fade and discolour over a period of time.

To maintain and extend the lifespan of our Hardwood Products, we would recommend yearly maintenance of cleaning and re-oiling/staining the decking tiles. All Click-Deck Hardwood Tiles & Products are supplied stained and ready to use straight away.

Applying the new treatment should be attempted on a warm dry day to ensure the oil soaks into the wood. The deck tiles will require cleaning and sanding to expose the wood prior to applying treatment. We recommend using any high-quality decking stain / oil on the market. Advice from our office may help on this matter.

Click-Deck Hardwood Tiles are supplied in a ‘natural brown’ colour.



Click-Deck Composite products are made from reclaimed wood fibres, recycled plastic and an adhesive. Although composite tiles are partially made of wood, they do not require any oil / stain to be applied at any stage of their life.

Composite tiles require cleaning periodically (whenever needed). This can be done with a warm soapy water solution and a soft brush to remove any dirt on the surface of the tiles. Alternatively, a high pressure water spray can be used, but must be held at least 40cm from the surface of the tiles.