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black friday composite decking

Composite Decking Tiles: Fantastic savings guaranteed on low maintenance Tiles

Our black Friday Composite Decking Tiles redefine outdoor flooring. Complete your project in no time and transform your outdoor space. Simple to use all you are required to do is choose your style today.

Our specially engineered composite decking tiles are perfect for DIY beginners, you can have all the benefits of a professional finish without all the faf! 

No need for specialist tools with our low maintenance durable composite material. Instant transformation with minimal effort allows you to enjoy a virtually maintenance free decking area.

Available in a range of colours and styles you will find the one for your garden, balcony, terrace and more.


Our range of Composite Decking products are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, we have the perfect decking solution for you. Explore our full range available in various colours:


Measuring 30cmx30cm our Standard Composite Decking Tiles are a fantastic budget friendly option to transform your garden, balcony, terrace and much more. With price in mind, you can choose from a variety of products we provide.


Our Plus range offers a thicker composite. This is ideally suited for areas that have a higher footfall or are bearing heavier weight such as hot tubs. Measuring 30cmx30cm, they are another fantastic choice for a modern look composite deck.

To learn more about maintenance of our products, please follow the link to our care & maintenance page.


Measuring 60cmx15cm and whopping 37mm board thickness , our premium Composite decking boards offer a plank like finish. The thick but hollow board are still light and easy to use by anyone. Each Composite Deck board can be cut with some care and measuring skill to fit the space you are covering.

To learn more about maintenance of our products, please follow the link to our care & maintenance page.


A fantastic design comprising of 6 smaller composite slats, our stylish composite decking tiles will transform your garden into a statement piece.


Covering our largest area, these grey composite decking tiles get the job project double quick. Measuring 60cmx30cm these tiles are a breeze to get down in no time.


The beauty of natural woodgrain without the hassle. Composite Deck Tiles offer resistance to rot, mould, warp and fungus growth. The perfect addition to your garden to help you sit back and relax.

Composite Grey Decking
glasgow composite decking
Learn more about the types of decking tiles in our range.


Installing Composite decking tiles or decking boards is a straight forward process, similar to a jigsaw. We advise to lay decking tiles on a flat and even surface and with no permanent fixings required the tiles can be picked up to store. Here are some tips for quick and easy installation:


If necessary, use a saw or tile cutter to trim tiles for fitting around edges or corners. When cutting each tile or board, place them on the outside of the decking area. Each decking board or tile has the original colour throughout stopping the risk of fading.


For uneven surfaces, consider using a small amount of base material like sand to level the ground and provide additional support, enhancing the stability of your deck. Our composite decking tiles have an elevated interlocking base allowing for proper drainage of water helping deal with heavy rain fall.

Not sure how many you will need? No problem, measure the width and length (area dimensions) and either use our online calculator or email us to make sure you are buying the correct quantity. We can provide you with a quote if you tell us which product you are interested in

All composite products are resistant to staining and do not require further sealing. Made with a solid and constant colour throughout, you can be sure each tile will match the same colour.

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Composite Grey Decking

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