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There are few that would disagree. When Click-Deck tiles have been laid, they look great. But we often get questions on how to finish the decking area.

“Do I need edging pieces?” “How do I cut Click-Deck?” “What do I do with the female hoops sticking out of tile?”

The answer is that there are many different solutions to finishing your deck tile area. Let’s run through a few now.

  1. Edging pieces – We supply edging pieces for almost all tiles in our range. Straight edging pieces are the same length as a decking tile and 7-7.5cm in width and reduce the decking area back down to the ground. Straight edges are only required for exposed sides of the decking area. For example, if you have a side of your decking leading on the lawn from your deck area, then edging can be attached and prevent someone from tripping over the first tile as they enter the deck.
  2. Cutting tiles – All Click-Deck tiles can be cut to fit any area perfectly. We recommend using a jigsaw or circular saw to cut through the tiles. Always remember to check that all screws have been removed from the underside of the tile!
  3. Stones / pebbles – Click-Deck is an easy, effective, and brilliant solution which requires no tools. We understand most people do not have a saw to cut tiles. A great alternative to cutting tiles is to lay small stones or pebbles around the border. No cutting tiles, no ugly gaps and a simple solution!


Regardless of the area, there’s always a solution and usually it can be done without help of a handyman!

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