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Acoustic wood wall Panels UK

Acoustic Panels – Reduce unwanted noise with Click-Deck’s easy installation acoustic panels directly onto almost any surface

Add texture and style to your living rooms, hallway, bedrooms and anywhere else inside with your home interior design projects. Interior design has never been easier with our easy to install acoustic felt panels. Increase sound insulation with our collection of Acoustic Wood Wall Panels UK for your walls that are the perfect way to transform your living space. Whether you are looking for a feature wall or full room, our functional acoustic natural wood wall panels are the right choice. Designed with high quality materials, our lightweight, durable and stylish panels are suitable for any home. There is no need for other sound insulation material thanks to the acoustic felt which backs our acoustic wood panels. We have an extensive range of colour variations for you to seamlessly transform your living space.


Decorative wall panels are taking the interior designers space by storm thanks to their easy to install design, professional finish and cost effective solution. Click-Deck’s thoughtfully designed beautifully contemporary acoustic slat wood wall panels are for indoor use.

Each pack of wood wall panelling contains 4 panels each measuring 60cmx60cm making them perfect for those with limited diy experience. Whether you are looking to cover the walls of a bedroom from floor to ceiling, add texture to your hallway or create your own bespoke design on your living rooms walls, our wood wall panelling will be the perfect addition to any living space.


Thanks to their easy to install design, the wall panels are an excellent way to add style to any room and with our range of colours, you can truly create a look that suits you. Each wall panel can be either installed as vertical panels or horizontal panels depending on what interior design you choose. There is a wide range of style options for you to create including the checkered design, half height, entire wall and many more, it all depends on the room and your imagination.

Wood Wall Panels


Installing our decorative wall panels is a straight forward process and will have you feeling like an interior design expert. To start the transformation of your interior space, we advise installing the slat wall panels on a flat and even surface. You will have that feature wall up in no time thanks to our easy to use diy wall panelling!

Click-Deck wood panelling are supplied in boxes of four 60x60cm panels and cover a total length of 240cm (average full height of rooms in the home). We recommend screwing each wall panel however our carefully designed panels can be glued using a grab adhesive onto an interior wall or ceiling allowing for fast and simple installation.

Although each install can vary depending on shape, light fixing etc, we suggest starting in a top corner of the wall and working one panel at a time down the wall in strips. This will allow you to align each wall panel as you go, using a spirit level to ensure each panel is lined up well, creating a seamless finish.


Click-Decks Acoustic Wood Wall Panels are not just for decorative purposes. Improve the sound quality or any room with our excellent acoustic dampening slat wall panels. Sound control and sound absorption will allow you and your household to level up any media experience. The felt acoustic backing and Slat wall design will reduce annoying echoes/reverb. Using the correct fixings, Click-Decks panels can be installed almost anywhere and cut to produce custom panel sizes by you. Cutting the panels will not effect the sound absorption properties.

wooden wall panels installed in living room wall
washed oak with lamp on living room

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Cutting Panels

Panelling can be cut to size with a jigsaw or handsaw to fit any space and cut around plug sockets & light switches. Take care to measure twice to minimise any mistakes and needless cut outs. You may want to put down dust sheets when cutting to reduce any mess and clean up.

Remember to take into account the height of your skirting boards when measuring and cutting.

Where to Install PANELS?

The beauty of our wood wall panels is they can be installed in pretty much any room. They are an excellent way to add texture and style in your hallway, bedrooms, living room and even on your ceiling! The easy to install design of our slat wood panels really allows you to create your ideas in whichever room you choose. Whether you use adhesive of screws, these are the slat wall panels you need to complete your project

We do not recommend installing the panelling in a room where they are likely to come in direct contact with water such as bathrooms. Although a water resistant finish is not something we have right now, we are looking at how we can get our range of cost effective slatted panels into the bathroom and really add character.

All the tools you will need to install and cut the Slat Wall Panels:
  • Adhesive or 4 Screws per wall panel (black or grey screws)

  • Tape measure

  • Spirit level

  • Saw or Stanley knife (sharp blade)

  • Drill (if using screws to secure)


White Oak Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panelling:

Washed Wood Oak Wall Panels showcases the innate beauty of oak, with its distinctive grain patterns and light tones.


Walnut Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panelling:

Walnut Wood Wall Panels, a testament to sophistication and enduring style bringing a rich, luxurious warmth to your living spaces.


Ash Grey Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panelling

Ash Grey Wood Wall Panels has neutral tones and clean lines effortlessly capturing the essence of modern design, an ideal choice for those seeking a minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic.


Natural Oak Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panelling

Natural Oak Wood Wall Panels, a celebration of the enduring beauty and classic appeal of oak wood.


Smoked Oak Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panelling

Smoked Oak Wood Wall Panels blends classic Oak wood aesthetics with contemporary design elements. The unique smoked finish enhances the natural beauty to create a distinctive look.

Not sure how many Slat Wall Panels you will need? No problem, measure the width and length (area dimensions) and email us to make sure you are buying the correct quantity.

Ready to enhance your indoor living experience? Explore our colour range Slat Wall Panels and start creating the perfect solution for your home.

Mix and match throughout the house. Our beautiful panelling are the ideal sizes to ensure simplicity and professional finishes.

Any questions, send us a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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